Video production instructions



The video must be uploaded before 15 June 2020 (to the link we will provide at the end of this page).

Required video format:

  • Default mode: record your slides including voice over, but also other creative formats are allowed.
  • Length: 25 minutes
  • Mandatory Size: Full HD (1080p) 
  • Format: FLV, MP4, M4V, WMV or MOV 

Instructions on how to record your talk including voice over:


  • First record your voiceover following these or these instructions
  • Then export your video including narrations following this guide
  • On export select Full HD (1080p) as video quality


  • First record your voice over following these instructions
  • Then export your slides via File > Export To > Movie …
  • in the following export dialogue set “Playback” to “Record Slideshow” and “Resolution to “1080p”.
  • Alternatetively you can also record your full screen or a screen region by pressing cmd + shift + 5 instead of using the keynote voice over tools.

OpenOffice, Google Slides or Latex (PDF):

  • If you happen to use OpenOffice, Google Slides or Latex (PDF), we would recommend to simply record your screen (including audio) using a screencast tool
  • There is a multitude of tools out there, a good starting point to find your preferred tool might be this article. It is also easy to use Zoom to record a shared screen with narration, including a small speaker screen. Another alternative is OBS, which is an open source recording software. There are many other alternatives.
    • MacOS: a screencast software is integrated into the system and accessible via the shortcut “cmd + shift + 5”
    • Windows: starting windows 10, there is an integrated screencast tool too (depending on your windows version “windowskey + G” might work)
    • Linux: depending on your distribution there is a variety of easy to install screencast tools available, according to this recent linklist.

Where to upload your video?

  • You’ve received the upload link by email.
    • You can’t find the email? Then please search your inbox for an email with the subject “ICALP 2020 – Video upload instructions and links (deadline 15 June)” dated June 4th (CEST).
  • Name your video file according to the following scheme:
    • <paper ID>_<presenter last name>_<presenter first name>_<paper title>.<ext>
    • if your paper title is very long, use the first three words of the title instead
  • Zipping your video is fine, but please do NOT password protect the uploaded file.